Software Reliability

Research shows that much of today’s software is so fragile that it barely functions properly when its environment is pristine and predictable. In safety-critical applications, designing software that is robust with respect to a variety of invalid or unexpected inputs often means the difference between life and death. Therefore, the reliability of a software system is of the utmost importance and constitutes an integral part of any software certification effort.  However, reliability testing is very costly and often entails some redesign of the software architecture, which trickles down the entire SDLC.  What if the reliability of a system could be continuously improved by an intelligent computer algorithm that actively assisted software developers in making key architectural decisions?  Imagine a world where airplanes could be designed with the latest chip technology and software instead of waiting 5-10 years for a system to be designed and certified.  Imagine a world of autonomously controlled vehicles operating in flawless coordination to alleviate the traffic nightmares of the 21-century city.  At ASSRC, we are making this vision a reality.